Sunday, April 17, 2016

Understanding what is a Food and Fitness Coach and how you can benefitfrom working with one.

Greetings everyone.
It is with a great pleasure that I am here to introduce you to a dear fitness friend: Stephanie Lee.
Our paths has crossed many times in the last 5-6 years. I have the pleasure to say that Stephanie was there on my very first Zumba Instructor audition. She didn't know me better but she decided that I had whatever it takes to be a Zumba Instructor and I am very grateful for that.

I am very fond of Stephanie and her vision of health life and I read her posts on Facebook as much as I can and I always take something positive from them and that is why I decided to invite Stephanie to write about wellness, fitness and health life on my blog. I think she will educate many and positively influence you to a better and happier life.

Help me to welcome Stephanie in this new venture as she grows here at the same time helping us to grow as well. Read her first topic and drop a comment bellow.

Now, from Stephanie:
What is a Food and Fitness Coach Anyway?

Just about everyone has a vision of his or her ideal life and for some that vision has yet to become a reality. This is where a Coach might be able to help.

A Coach helps you move past challenges that might stand in the way of reaching your goals. Maybe you haven't established goals yet. A Coach can help you clarify what those might be for you. Maybe you're lacking motivation to pursue your dreams. A Coach can help you move forward.

There are different types of Coaches for different personal and/or professional life situations. A Food and Fitness Coach, or Wellness Coach as they are sometimes called, can assist you in losing a few or many pounds, eating better, or incorporating exercise as some examples.

For a balanced life:

Working with a Coach can get you unstuck, and put you on track and moving toward the realization of the life of your dreams.
If you need help in moving toward your ideal healthy life, you can find me, Stephanie Lee on Facebook at, or contact me directly by email at or by phone (call or text) at 

Here's to your best life yet.