Monday, May 18, 2015

2015 - Aula de Scrapbook - Art Journal

We made an Art Journal page during our class. My intention is not to show you my feeling and emotions which is the purpose of an art journal, rather the style and creative process. Art journals are a great way to test new techniques and be bold. Collage, paints, textures, drawings. Try it all together. That is what I did :-)
Let's go to the pictures...
The two-pages together back in the binder. 

I added some more rub ons because I thought my page needed more black. 

I also added one more golden wood butterfly and some blings on the butterfly on the right side. More black to my page. 

Here you can see the shimmer. 

I added a button and flower on the lower side of the left page. 

A close out of the texture on the chipboard. 

I "fixed" a couple of things after the class had finished. First I covered the extra black gesso that spilled from the stencil. That occurred because the background was very bulky and had room to the gesso travel behind. I am obsessed with Micro beads and want to use them in every project I put my hands on. This was no difference and the combination made a special effect. I used Best Glue Ever to hold my beads. 

And who said we can't use our fingers to paint??? Nobody, right! So I used mine to add a mix of Color Bloom and Mica Powder. I choose Color Bloom other than water because Color Bloom is more stick. Using my finger I could control better the intensity since I want just a vintage look. 

During the class I noticed someone amazement when I said I was going to wash my stamp since I had forgotten to clean after use, well stamps are made out rubber and it is perfectly ok to wash with cold water and mild soap. 

But instead of air drying I used a cloth to dry right a way. My stamp now is clean and ok to use. 

Now the recorded video-class: