Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Prima Marketing Finnabair Acrylic Paint Demo by Djana Venolia

Oi pessoal,
Let's take a look on the new Acrylic Paint by Finnabair for Prima Marketing.

These new paints, beside being acrylic they can be used with a dry brush or as a watercolor wash. You can apply in any porous surface: paper, ceramic, wood, etc. Their coverage is phenomenal. One layer is enough to cover the background.

These paints has a high level of pigments and they have a great shimmer finish. One of the sets, called Opal has a characteristic of having two colors and they will change and display one color depending on the angle you look. Take a close look on the bird, flower and leave on the left. Incredible, right?

We have a short video showing all the cool possibilities with this new paint:

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Ate a próxima!