Sunday, April 26, 2015

Nature to Body brings to you: Enzymedica, the best enzyme in the market.

I am so excited to bring to you, my loyal customers the best in enzymes.
Let me start this story from the beginning.
Being celiac is not easy. Gluten is everywhere and in processed food that you wouldn't think it needed wheat. But that is a fact and we can't change it. Now, let's focus on the solutions. If you are like me, you avoid your food allergens at any cost looking what you are eating at all times. Even thou with this non-stop vigilance we still get poisoned by accident. We call cross-contamination and it comes when you are not expecting.
The feeling of unipotency is huge but we must move on. Thankfully there are scientists, doctors together with pharmaceutical companies working to find ways to reduce our pain and make our life a little bit more normal.
While the new drugs don't come to pharmacy shelves, we can have the help of enzymes to break down whatever food our body doesn't break down naturally.
During this year Natural Expo West trade show I incessantly searched for a good enzyme company to carry in my store. I was feeling a little hopeless until I walked right into Enzymedica booth. I was so luck to find Adrianne that spent a great amount of time to listen to my needs and guide in the product list to select what would be the best for food intolerances and allergies crowd.

We will be receiving our first batch of products this week and I already have a pre-sale list in place. Some of these people have lactose intolerance, acid reflux, suffers from radiotherapy side-effects and just normal aging process.
That is right, enzymes are not only for people with food allergies and intolerances. It is for everyone. Yes, we loose the ability to produce enzymes as we age, naturally but it happens faster accordingly to our lifestyle and the intakes in our daily routine having at least breakfast, lunch and dinner.

There is also the portions of special need people with autism for example. There are a lot of research done and in place that shows relations with gluten and autism. Most of them suggest a gluten-free diet for autist people and Enzymedica support this and other causes.

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