Sunday, April 12, 2015

Together we are more powerful! Charity Wings, Mottino YMCA, Nature to Body and BoBunny together to give back to our community.

What happens when Four community focused entities/people gets together??? Everybody wins!!!
OK, You are probably not understanding anything, right??? Let me explain better, yet not too long.
I am a scrapbooker and owner of Nature to Body, an online based store that enhances health and creativity.

I also teach Zumba Gold at the Mottino YMCA in Oceanside, CA. A couple of years ago I started volunteering doing paper craft to part of my Zumba Gold participants. Their group is called R.O.A.D.s and they are adults with special needs. In the beginning I want to have this meeting at the Y as a form of Scrapbook Club. It wasn't possible at that time but everything changed with a new Membership Director: Kim Sonoda. When I first told her about my idea she embraced right a way. We set a starting date and I took off with a smile in my face.
Only if everything was that... As soon as I had my yes from the Y my brain started to spin miles per minute. Then I started to put my "twos-and-twos together". The big picture formed right in front of my eyes.
What if I did this event not only sponsored by my own business but as a Charity Wings volunteer? I told Elena, Founder and Executive Director of Charity Wings and she said yes, right a way. She also supported my idea specially because she knows the R.O.A.D.s since they are one of the non-profits that benefits from Charity Wings mission.

You see how things are starting to get together as one??? Now I have Nature to body (me), the Mottino YMCA (Kim) and Charity Wings (Elena).
The last piece of this puzzle came into place when Kim asked me for a project picture so she could make a flyer to promote the Scrapbook Club among its members.
I looked the projects I was working by the time and proposed Kim to re-create one of BoBunny's layout. I was already going to have an online live class the following week for my Brazilian customers so the idea sounded really appropriate to me.
So I took off and contacted my sales rep, Liz Welch. I couldn't find someone more perfect to be connected with. Liz found a way to support my cause and because I am BoBunny’s Diamond VIP customers, I could be feature on the BoBunny Blog! How wonderful is that??? Just wonderful!!!!

Now, that I have all pieces together, let's go to real life and get into the details of this fun Scrapbook Club that is hosted at the Mottino YMCA, sponsored by Nature to Body, possible with Charity Wings support and endorsed by BoBunny.

Scrapbook Club
Join Djana Venolia, our Zumba Gold instructor and the Class Coordinator to Charity Wings in this monthly event.
This Scrapbook Club is free of cost to all Mottino YMCA members.
Limited seats availability. We will work on a first-come-first-served-basis, please sign in to save your spot.
The picture is a sample of the project and we will use as a start point. Bring a photo to use in your layout.
All materials provided including the die-cutted pieces to make the cluster.
This is an-all-inclusive class.
When: April 28, 2015 (every last Tuesday of the month)

Time: 1:00 - 2:00pm
You can check it out this and other event on Charity Wings fanpage:

Some other projects I made using BoBunny's materials for more inspiration:
Made during our online class:

Want more inspiration? Check it out our YouTube channel.