Wednesday, June 17, 2015

2015 Quick Tip #22 - Protect your images.

Let's get onto one more 15' Quick Tip and today we will look two different products and check their characteristics to find out their properties and qualities, learn how to use one and the other and when to use each.

Art Masking Fluid is a water based product. The one I am using is yellow but the die is there just to make easy to see where I am applying. 
As the name states, it is a masking capability. It will protect the area you are applying: you can use with a brush and apply in a large area or you can use to make droplets and create an uneven effect. 
For today's demo I am using my journaling Bible as a base. Because I don't want to cover the words, I am prepping the base with Clear Gesso from Prima Marketing. 
Like any gesso, this is a water based product and dries transparent. 
The basic difference between these two products is that the masking fluid will protect the applied area leaving the background as if nothing had being painted. In the other hand, clear gesso is a primer and makes the surface workable and it is also a sealer. Since our pages are so thin, that is a good thing because we are using a lot of water based products and my paper won't get damaged. 
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