Saturday, June 6, 2015

Indoor plant turn around by Djana Venolia

What happen when I have a plant that I almost kill cleaning (yes, I though the spray bottle had water only but it was water and cleaning product), that looks sad and lonly? I get friends to make a party!!!! :-)

Enough of being silly but keeping the truth about the plant mind, that is the look before my transformation:

Doesn't look sad to you???
Now, I've been thinking to make a fairy garden for a while and yesterday I got some time to do it. I needed to get a birthday gift for an infant and I found the basic fairy kit half off. Perfect! The pieces in the kit wasn't enough for the size of my vase so I purchased singles pieces to make my composition. Here is an overall. 

Since it is a fairy garden, I am going to start my close ups with the fairy. 

There is a ginourmous mushroom and I added a bird on top. Another single piece was the bridge and I added a row of flowers along. 

Because we live in the desert, we need water so I got a well to irrigate this garden. A little bird is taking care of the water. 

She is a garden fairy, right? She needs tools and flowers 

I added mini flowers inside mini vases. 

There is also a bird house. 

Wishing well guardian. 

That is it. I had fun making and I've been thinking to transform a palm tree that I have on the dinning room and make a beach scene. A tropical look. We will see it ;-)