Sunday, June 14, 2015

Art class at Charity Wings: Polymer Clay

To be a volunteer at Charity Wings has lots of connections. Besides the rewarding feeling of helping my community, sharing my skills with others, making art, I have fellowship. There I get to enjoy the company of others like me. I have that feeling of belonging that I don't feel in a lot of places.

Last Thursday one of the most precious volunteers, Kelly hosted a Polymer Clay to the volunteers and members. It was so much fun. I've wanted to learn how to use polymer clay for a long time. I actually purchased the materials necessary however never had a successful project done until this class. Kelly is a tremendous artist, a generous person with a big heart. Thank you!!!

Now I am going to share some of my step by step... Clay conditioned and trimmed down.

Then we get to cut in half to create a block then strips...

To create a sequence and also a checker block.

From there I got to make a cane, funny one :-)

And then cutting into beads pieces.

Back at home... while I was finishing my beads, using one tool, my husband come to show me an old rod and how funny was that both had the same shape being so different.

Here is an overall of my bead pieces.

Close up.

And after baking.

I can't wait to use them in my projects and making jewelry 100% handmade.

So, are you up for some fun??? Next class will be on July 10. Check it out: Polymer Clay Class.

See you next time!