Friday, March 20, 2015

Easy Scrapbook Page with Insta Scrap: Leticia and Sara First Dolls by Djana Venolia

Sometimes we just feel letting the creative juices flow playing with Insta Scrap or Easy Scrapbook as I call.
I have two nieces in Brazil and last Christmas I sent two Disney dolls to them. Well, what I didn't know is that they never had a doll other than rag dolls because my youngest sister raise them on a Waldorf education, which is pretty cool to me.

I love using my Selphy to print whatever picture I want to scrapbook.

Since I got this printer for my birthday last year I never had to stop my creative process to make scrapbook pages because I didn't have the correct picture printed. As far as this year's birthday gift I want a real camera to take nicer photos. I am so excited about that... Can't wait for my birthday party!!! Yes, I sound like I am 8 years-old :-)


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